Registrations EWAHA 2021 are now open

From 18-22 October the second edition of the European Week of Active and Health Ageing (EWAHA 2021) takes place. An event organized by the AAL programme in collaboration with JPI MYBL. This year will focus on four tracks highlighting different opportunities and challenges for an ageing Europe. Registrations for the EWAHA 2021 are now open.

Contribution JPI MYBL

JPI MYBL organizes two sessions during the EWAHA 2021.

The Oldest Old: A path between solidarity and healthy ageing? 

Tuesday 19 October, 11.15-12.15 CEST

This plenary session will present the issues regarding the growing group of older persons past the age of eighty. Georg Ruppe, Santiago Calvo Ramos and Kathy McLoughlin will investigate what is needed to assure their healthy ageing, while maintaining the intergerational solidarity. What are the social consequences? 

The impact of COVID-19 on isolation and loneliness of older people

Wednesday 20 October, 12.30-13.00 CEST

The impact of COVID-19 on the isolation and loneliness of older people in need of care has increased with more significant evidence. How can we do better? Do we need to reinvent care and make health and care systems in Europe that are closer to the needs of older people and their families? Nathalie Noupadja and Bruno Arpino will give the participants some insights into the issues regarding the impact of COVID-19 on isoloation and loneliness of older people. 

Registrations are open

You can find the agenda for each day here. Registrations for the EWAHA 2021 are now open, you can register via the button below.