joint call 2015

Extended Working Life and its interaction with Health, Wellbeing and beyond

Aim of the joint call

This call aims to support innovative and interdisciplinary research into the drivers to, and constraints on, extending working life and focuses on four topics:

  1. Modern work factors
    The interactions of longer working life with the changing nature and organisation of paid and unpaid work.
  2. Longer working life & Inequality
    The extent to which extending working life impacts differently on different kind of people, or people in different circumstances.
  3. Health challenges
    The impact of longer working on health, and health on longer working.
  4. Caring responsibilities
    The impact of longer paid work on the caring responsibilities of individuals and society at large.

Funded projects

In total five projects were funded:

  • EXTEND – Extending working lives of an ageing workforce
  • FACTAGE – Fairer active ageing for Europe
  • LONGLIVES – Policies for longer working lives: understanding interactions with health and care responsibilities
  • THRIVE – Tackling health inequalities and extending working lives
  • WORKLONG – Impact of interventions and policies on prolonging working life in good health