Throughout the year we organise workshops at conferences and with partners, attend meetings, collaborate with other institutions and organise expert processes. Below you can find the latest info on the past and upcoming events.

Knowledge sharing workshops

Joint Programming Initiative ‘More Years, Better Lives’ (JPI MYBL) aims to complement, and provide a
concrete perspective, to existing research on the issues regarding Isolation and loneliness of older people during the COVID-19 pandemic: formal/informal care” by involving policy makers, stakeholders, and researchers. The underlying document for the process is the red line document. The document provided a short background and summary of the state of the art on the topics of isolation and loneliness during the pandemic. During the knowledge sharing process this document would be expanded towards a state of the art document. The process consists of 4 workshops and is based on a redline document. All workshops will be attended by the wholegroup of stakeholders, researchers, and policy representatives.

The workshops:
1. Stakeholders workshop

2. Researchers workshop

3. Policy workshop

Events news