Meeting the new Steering Committee member

Who I am

Dr Eve Forrest is a Senior Portfolio Manager in the Health and Human Behaviour team at the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). Her portfolio area in the team includes ageing, dementia and demography and the role is wide ranging from scoping and commissioning calls, to meeting and connecting with a range of external stakeholders, to managing large ESRC investments. She joined the ESRC with a decade of experience in Higher Education in a wide range of roles that often included elements of impact and engagement. 

What motivated me/ what is the importance of an initiative like JPI MYBL for the UK

Joining the JPI MYBL Steering Committee gives me a first-hand insight into how other international funders organise and plan strategically. It brings me closer to new academic and professional communities too, widening my knowledge and contacts in the key areas of ageing and demography that JPI MYBL wants to continue to contribute, develop and expand on. I aim to bring my different areas of expertise to the committee too, sharing what I have learned across different sectors. International collaborations like JPI MYBL enable the UK to continue to make a positive and valuable contribution in influencing, supporting and developing the future direction of research across vital societal challenges.