Summary European Week of Active & Healthy Ageing


Bringing the focus on ageing well in Europe in the 2020s

The first edition of the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing (EWAHA) took place between 2 and 6 November 2020 in an online format. JPI MYBL would like to thankall of the attendees, who made this week a great success for community building and exchange of many interesting views to create a vision for Europe that provides a life happy at all ages for everybody.

The week was attended by 800 people from across  the globe and it stages a stimulating debates and exchanges with politicians, local and national administrators, practitioners, geriatrics and psycologists providing a fruitful and exciting environment for an exchange between different perspectives across a wide array of topics related to ageing.

The event brought the Demographic Change issues and opportunities under the spotlight and was organized by JPI MYBL, jointly with the AAL Porgramme and EIP on AHA. The week took inspiration from the WHO Decade of Healthy Ageing to shed light on four main priorities: the sustainability of health and care in an ageing Europe; the intergenerational policies; the promotion of a socio-economic case for an ageing society; and the role of technology for the improvement of the conditions of the older people and their carers.

The three organizing initiatives have all had collaborated closely already in 2019-2020 to unite their efforts for a European ageing society. Now, they have put demographic change more prominently onto Europe‚Äôs research and innovation political agenda in the form of this European Week.