COST Action: Extending working life


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COST Action IS1409 Gender and health impacts of policies extending working life in Western countries aims to enhance theoretical and empirical social science research on the gender and health impacts of policies aimed at extending the duration of working life in Westerm countries. See:

As a central part of its’ activities, the COST Action offers early career stage scholars (PhD +7 years) the opportunity to meet up with more experienced colleagues and stakeholders in order to exchange on their current and future research projects. The 2018 Training School (TS) offers such an opportunity. It will take place at the Faculty of Business and Economics, located at Mendel University of Brno, in the Czech Republic. With a focus on “Issues and Methods for Policy Evaluation”, each of the trainers will focus on debates and examples that are relevent to the thematic areas of this COST Action (extending working-life, health, gender, employment, welfare states, etc…)