SRA update in progress

One of the current goals of the JPI More Years Better Lives is to provide an update of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) that was published in 2014. The SRA explains the rationale for the JPI, outlines the key issues and identifies the priority research issues which the JPI aims to address.

Updating process
The update is taking place in close collaboration with the main bodies of the JPI MYBL; the General Assembly (GA), Steering Committee, the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and the Societal Advisory Board (SOAB). Their overall conclusion was that the original version of the SRA needs adjustments to reflect new developments and lessons learned. It will outline what JPI MYBL has achieved to date, and what we plan to do in the future.

The work on the SRA update started early 2016 and continued in November 2016 with a survey to the GA, SAB and SOAB members seeking advice and ideas on emerging research themes for the SRA. In May 2017 both the Scientific and the Societal Advisory Board provided input on the draft text. The final draft of the SRA update is planned to be complete in August this year, the General Assembly will assess this version in October. After their approval it will be disseminated widely.

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