New Chairman for JPI More Years better Lives

During the 15th General Assembly of the JPI More Years Better Lives, held in Brussels on the 21-22 of January, Dr. Edvard Beem has been elected as new Chair of the JPI!


Dr. Edvard Beem is co-director of the Netherlands Organisation of Health Research and Development (ZonMw), holding the present position since the merger of the former organisations ZON (health care innovation) and MW (medical research) in 2001. Scientifically trained as biochemist he obtained his PhD in 1988 in Medicine on experimental chemotherapy of breast cancer (Netherlands Cancer Institute). Following the conduction of several postdoc projects he changed office in 1990 to finally become director of the Medical Research Council (MW) of the Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research (NWO). In his co-directorship of ZonMw since 2001 (with its independent governing board and over 130 fte personnel) he holds specific items as strategic research development, public-private co-operation and international relations in his portfolio.

Dr. Beem appointment follows the two years chairmanship by Prof. Rossini.