The European Commission published a Communication on Digital Transformation of Healthcare

The Digital Transformation of Healthcare

The Commission has adopted today a communication setting out a plan of action that puts citizens at the centre of the healthcare system in three ways:


  • By enabling citizens’ secure, cross-border access to their electronic health records and the possibility of sharing their records across borders;
  • By facilitating the use of larger data sets through a shared European data infrastructure to prevent diseases, determine personalised medical treatment and better anticipate epidemics;
  • By providing digital tools that enable citizens to manage their health more actively within integrated care systems.                                                                                                                                                                                       

This approach will provide the basis for EU action in digital health over the next years, such as support for the exchange of e-prescriptions and electronic patient summaries, enabling the cross-border exchange of full electronic health records, voluntary coordination in sharing data and resources for disease prevention and research, and capacity building and the exchange of innovation and best practices for healthcare authorities.


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